The Trans Agenda

Thanks for stopping by to check out the current trans agenda! This site is populated with content from the meeting minutes the most recent meeting of the Trans Cabal. The cabal meets regularly so we can always stay on top of the latest trends. Undermining society requires a lot of vigilance and directed effort!

Current Objectives

Okay, real talk

TERFs seem completely disconnected from reality. Their rhetoric is often hurtful, demeaning, and incoherent. What sort of feminist insists on defining "woman" based purely on the state of her genitals? Isn't reducing a woman to her reproductive organs, I don't know... a bit dehumanizing? Their arguments usually lack any credible evidence and instead rely heavily on fearmongering.

What really gets me, though, is the way they project absurd desires and objectives on trans people. They always frame us as being some sort of conniving monsters that have a diabolical agenda to destroy all that is good in the world. Here's a little secret for you: trans people are just normal people. They aren't predators out to attack women. They aren't trying to trick people into having sex with them. They aren't trying to "convert" people to their lifestyle of constant misery. They aren't trying to steal your family member.

So, what are trans people up to, then? What is their agenda? Well, let's consider some facts about what life looks like for transgender people across America.

In almost any measure, trans people have worse outcomes than the general population. So, what's the real trans agenda? Well, basically we want the above issues to go away. We want to stop being harassed and attacked. We want to live normal lives -- the same as you!

Oh, and I guess we really want to trans the kids. Because, you know. Reasons.

If you want to learn more about what trans people are up to and why, please check out the following sources.